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Pacific Northwest Quarter

Horse Association


PNQHA stands for Pacific Northwest Quarter Horse Association, the group was formed in February of 2020. The reason for this group is to network with all of Idaho and various groups throughout Idaho. Eventually we would like to see PNQHA work with our surrounding states as well.

Our main goal is to put on events in Idaho, such as Ranch Versatility shows, Horse shows, trail rides and clinics.

PNQHA would like to introduce shows and events to our area. These shows will be for all ages and levels of riders. We would also like to do some trail rides. Though PNQHA is primarily a Quarter Horse association, it is important to us to include all open breeds, and have an array of classes and events that includes all horse enthusiasts.

PNQHA is very excited to be forming this new group. The purpose is to bring a positive attitude, fun events and education. We are planning on 3 to 4 shows in 2021. We will be having a meeting every 3rd Wednesday of every month and would like to encourage everyone interested to attend our meetings & participate with us to grow PNQHA. We look forward to meeting everybody at our meetings and feel free to bring your ideas along with you. If you have any questions or want more info please call 208-870-0519.

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